Awasthi Vitality


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Established in the year 2011, Awasthi Vitality operates under the flagship of the renowned Awasthi Hospital based out in central India.

The hospital is distinguished for its one-of-a-kind clinic offering unique treatment for various kinds of chronic pain and ailments. The remedy for acute pain has kept patients in a troublesome loop of endless hospital visits, unnecessary diagnostics, and addiction to medicines.

There’s an entire industry built around the effective management of pain. However, there’s a ray of hope. There’s a sliver of sunshine for t

he gloomy darkness of pains caused by frailing joints, fatigued muscles, injuries, aging, and such. Without a single paid advert and influencer marketing, we have established our presence with tried and tested, credible treatment for knee pain, neck pain and back pain, and all kinds of assorted pain. 

Awasthi hospital is the best pain management clinic in India with cured and content patients from across the nation. All kinds of Knee Pain, Neck Pain, and Back Pain are treated with assured relief. Our clientele is from all across the nation and even has some international queries as well that affirm how credible and genuine pain relief treatments we offer. Awasthi Vitality has its sole unit in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). It is a Pioneer in the domain of pain management and relief with its distinctive polymed line of treatment that cures chronic pain that’s been nagging you lifelong.


(Upper Back Problems)
(Lower Back Problems)
(Various Types of Knee Pain)
●Cervical Spondylitis 
● Radiculopathies
● Pain in upper limbs 
● Vertigo 
● Migraines etc.
● Back Pain 
● Slip Disc 
● Sciatica 
● Lumbago 
● Radiculopathies 
● Calcaneal Spur 
● Ankle pain 
● Unable to walk 
● Scoliosis 
● Anterolisthesis 
● Retrolisthesis etc.
● Ligament Injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) 
● Meniscus Injuries 
● Osteoarthritis knee (reduction of joint space) 
● Chondromalacia patella
● Cartilage damages etc.



Panacea for your pain 

Awasthi Vitality has formulated a remarkably unique treatment for chronic pain relief with proprietary medicines that are POLY HERBAL in essence. Poly Herbal medicines are neither Ayurvedic, nor Homeopathic or Allopathic in nature.

Benefits of Poly Herbal Medicine

● Better and more efficient than traditional medicines

● Doesn’t have side effects

● Doesn’t cause addiction

● Eliminates the root cause of pain

● No steroids

● No painkillers

● No recurring episodes of pain