There are various factors that contribute to nagging knee pain. The majority of the causes for knee pain in India are as follows Osteoarthritis Knee Ligament Injury Sports Injury Meniscus Injury Chondromalacia Reduction in joint space Cartilage Damage

Back pain or Lower back pain (surrounding region pain i.e. lower back pain, which generally confuses) happens due to various reasons. Few of the factors contributing to persisting back pain is as follows… Our Lower Back Pain Part Includes Back Pain Slipdisc Sciatica Lumbago Radiculopathies Calcaneal Spur Ankle pain Unable to walk Scoliosis Anterolisthesis Retrolisthesis

Use to treat different types of knee problems with medicine only without any Side effect Painkillers Steroids Surgery Glucosamine Calcium Vitamin D Physio Injections        

Neck pains are awkward and nasty. There could be multiple causes for neck pain. Some of them are Our Upper Back Part Includes.. Cervical Spondylitis Migraine Frozen Shoulder Vertigo Radiculopathy

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