Our line of treatment for various types of diseases is remarkably distinct from the conventional treatment available. The diseases that we treat are very common. However, the technique of treatment is unique.

Some of the maladies we offer treatments for are as follows.

● Back Pain (Slip Disc, Sciatica, Lumbago).
● Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis Knee, Ligament Injury).
● Neck Pain (Cervical Spondylitis).

Other ailments we treat are.

● Migraine
● Tennis Elbow
● Calcaneal Spur
● Trigeminal Neuralgia
● Coccyx Fracture (Tailbone Fracture)
● AVN (Avascular Necrosis)
● Arthritis of any types (Peri Arthritis, Rh Arthritis, Osteoarthritis)

Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) Process

OPD Treatment refers to OutDoor Patients treatment

We don’t admit patients and run unnecessary diagnostics. Rather we run OPD for 1-2 hours for each patient. During the initial visit itself, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your ailment and provide medicine along with proper instruction. There is no requirement for repeat visits. We send medicines via courier, without incurring the parcel charges. During the course of treatment, we keep a track of your progress and accordingly adjust doses or opt for further diagnosis if required.
For OPD you must visit our Hospital

Note: Don’t forget to carry your old diagnostic reports including x-rays, scans etc. for the OPD.

Online Treatment Process

Online treatment was barely a norm before the global pandemic in 2020. But we have been offering our patients online treatment since the very beginning of our practice.
Online treatment is a boon to patients who are

● Aged and need assistance
● Physically challenged
● In remote places & can’t afford to travel
● More busier than the doctor

Since this is an online procedure, there are no physical examinations involved. The patient has to submit a medical history and past diagnostic reports via WhatsApp. According to the availability date is affixed for the online assessment.

Steps for Online treatment:

1. Send the recent detailed diagnosis report on our WhatsApp number +91 9009230000.

2. Within 24-48 hours you will get a call back from our team on your given number for free consulting. Call back time for a paid consulting call back is 1 hour. 

3. Speak to the Doctor regarding the problem. 

4. Consulting will be done according to the diagnosis provided from your side in WhatsApp.

5. Doctor will consult the patient directly. No detailed explanation will be provided by the Doctor to the rest of the family members. 

6. Please be prepared with a list of queries and all that you want to discuss with the Doctor. Remember that you will get only a single chance to talk to the Doctor regarding the disease, after that you are not able to talk to the Doctor again & again on the phone. 

7. After the consultation you have to decide what you want to do. If you agree to further treatment, only then we will send you medicines at your given address. 

8. If the consultation seems lengthy or complicated then you can opt for our OPD treatment at our Location.


1) A maximum of two calls will be done by the Awasthi Hospital for patients opting for online treatment. If you miss both the calls, you’ll have to book an appointment again with additional payment. 

2) Treatment results may vary as there are no physical examinations involved.

3) The processes mentioned above might vary from time to time. 

It is our immense desire to provide the patient with a seamless and hassle-less experience. Your comfort and convenience is paramount to Awasthi Vitality.