Back pain or Lower back pain (surrounding region pain i.e. lower back pain, which generally confuses) happens due to various reasons. Few of the factors contributing to persisting back pain is as follows 

– Back pain (pain in L4-L5 | L5-S1 level) 

– Slip Disc (herniation or disc bulge) 

– Sciatica (compression of sciatica nerve) 

– Radiculopathy (pain comes down to lower limbs) 

– Muscular Pain (pain + stiffness between L1-S1 level) 

– Scoliosis (bending of spine toward RIGHT & LEFT side) 

– Retrolisthesis (posterior displacement of vertebrae) 

– Anterolisthesis (anterior displacement of vertebrae) 

– Coccyx Fracture (broken tailbone) 

– Calcaneal Spur (bone exostosis) 


Awasthi vitality offers a unique line of treatment for the dreadful back pain. It is the best available treatment for knee pain in central India. This treatment is fundamentally distinct from the conventional method of therapies provided elsewhere via Painkillers, Pregabalin, Methylcobalamin

etc. Our treatment identifies the root cause of the pain and acts upon it, curing it with precision. It includes Poly-Herbal Proprietary medicine. Poly Herbal medicines are sugar free and devoid of any side-effects. 

The medicines successfully eliminates 

– Back pain (by reduction of bulges in L4-L5 | L5-S1 level) 

– Slip Disc (by reduction of herniation or disc bulge) 

– Sciatica (by reduction of compression in nerve) 

– Radiculopathy (by decreasing the radiating pain by reducing nerve compression) – Muscular Pain (by reduction in pain + stiffness) 

– Scoliosis (by reduction in pain & progression) 

– Retrolisthesis (by decreasing pain & development) 

– Anterolisthesis (by decreasing pain & growth) 

– Coccyx Fracture (by reduction in inflammation & gradual improvement) – Calcaneal Spur (by reduction in inflammation & steady improvement) These medicines don’t cause any kind of addiction or adversely affect the patient. 


The composition of the medicine is inscribed at the back of every bottle. All the ingredients are mentioned for authenticity. The medicines do not include any sort of painkillers, heavy chemical base or harmful steroids. All that you are assured of is a comprehensive remedy for painful Back pain of all kinds.