We provide OPD services only. Inorder to eliminate any kind of hassle for the patients, we completely got rid of the inpatient process. Not only is it a cost effective measure but also productive in terms of our unique comprehensive treatment for pain reduction and remedy. The patient doesn’t have to worry about frequent visits or expensive diagnostics. We dispatch requisite medicines via available modes of postal, parcel etc. for the convenience and comfort of the patient. Appointments can be booked online via this website at the contacts section. We’ve patients from all over the nation who can vouch for the methodology and rational approach of treatment.

Why us?
– Conventional hospitals are expensive from the get go right from registration for a single appointment.
– There are multiple follow ups.
– There are multiple diagnostics and procedures.
– Time, money and all your resources are exhausted looking for comfort in the medicines scribbled by a physician or a vaidya.

Our methodology and medicines have a satisfactory rate of success amongst various kinds of patients from all across India.  We offer the most affordable and reliable pain management treatment with polyherbal medicines for all kinds of neck pain, knee pain and back pain, ligaments injuries,
So why not us? Just drop by for a comprehensive assessment and go home with complete peace of mind.